Initial Interview

  1. Complete application and medical pre-screen form
  2. Self create an account for Enlist Screen Test (EST), then contact a recruiter to active your account before you take EST
  3. Use an active account to complete the online EST, you may see more than one exam available. Please take EST (AR, WK, PC, MK) only unless recruiter tells you to take a different one.

Gather documents needed for initial appointment

  1. Provide current photo ID (Federal ID, State ID, Driver License, school ID)
  2. Provide social security card (in person)
  3. Proof of citizenship (Birth Certificate, Passport, Green Card)
  4. Proof of education (HS Diploma, GED, College Transcripts)
  5. Others forms as required (Marriage License, Divorce Decree)


  1. Contact your recruiter to request an interview​